The Centrifuge Brain Project

All I can say is: WOW.

(thank you Jens)

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  1. Are these for real??? I cannot believe it these rides are so incredible (even though i would be too scared to ride them). Definitely WOW.

  2. there are credits at the end of the video. yes, it’s fake.

  3. So funny :) thanx, Tina (and Jens). So hilarious :D

  4. If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network


  5. awesomeee and funny

  6. hahahaa understood it was fake when saw a woman with a cell phone in 1985 :D

  7. …and the fact that he’s walking in huge crowds of people and he’s the only one wearing a hard hat. ;) Love it.

  8. This blew my mind, even if fake.

  9. AMAZING!!!! One can only dream with these becoming real…

  10. Oh wow! My logic & reason kept saying it wasn’t real but my woo-hoo adventure side was saying pleeeeeease be real!!! Thanks for posting this!

  11. Love the way of thinking!

  12. Each post makes me think :) , this idea and video are totally unique , for sure.