Free works

“When a free option is available in a market of paid alternatives, far more people will choose the free product, often by an order of magnitude or more. Asking people to pay unnecessarily is asking them to behave irrationally and against their own immediate best interests, even if it’s probably worse long-term.”
– Marco Arment

Free Works, by Marco Arment

(thank you Nate)

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  1. This is an interesting post in light of the recent decision to charge a subscription fee for Teux Deux. Worse or not, I’m afraid I’m one who will choose to no longer use the product over paying $24 a year for it. While I get the need to support your efforts, I’m afraid this will narrow your following significantly.

  2. I think the quote should have included “all things being equal”. Case in point, the success of Netflix despite technically “free” options like BitTorrent and Hulu.

    I also find his use of “unnecessarily” a bit odd. Unless its a bait-and-switch situation, people will pay for something they perceive as having value to them. If it doesn’t, they won’t.

  3. Something advertised as “Free” usually comes with a high price…