The Curse of Email

“The only way we will avoid being crushed by the weight of the hundreds or thousands of emails we receive every day is to free ourselves from the need to treat each one like it matters and like it merits a response. The only way we will avoid being emotionally crushed by having other people not respond to our emails is to stop expecting a response. If we can adapt our expectations to fit the realities of this new paradigm, we will all crawl out from under the weight of the curse of email. Email will prove a blessing.”

Taken from this blog post: The Curse of Email by Tim Challies

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  1. So when the fuck are people going to stop emailing and communicate with the people in front of them

  2. I’ve always considered my email inbox as a receptacle for others to-do-list. Tip: don’t open your email program until after lunch = increased productivity tenfold.