We just mounted an 8 foot long DartStrip in our office and we are all loving it. It’s a super simple magnetic display system. Beautifully packaged. Easy to mount. A total winner.

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  1. if you like the tshirt you may also like a pillow / wall thing with “han*gry”

  2. Best new product and video I’ve seen in a long while. I’ll be using these for meeting show and tell, and to display vision inspiration.

  3. Very interesting product, just wonder if the strips will rust over time.

  4. Love DartStrip! Useful and beautiful. Already ordered ours.

  5. I have been making all these artsy magnets and didn’t know what to do with them short of covering my fridge in them. Dartstrips are the PERFECT solution. I can’t wait to get mine.

  6. Best product from design point of view, utilization and safety i have evere seen.

  7. the best product i have ever seen with easy use and safe as well. i highly recommend it. Good job

  8. I ordered mine from Switzerland. They never came. I wrote to them, but never got any answer. I’m really disappointed with these guys. I don’t trust them anymore…very sad.-((

  9. when will these be in production and ready for shipping???

  10. I want something like this for a shoe rack I want to add to the side of my wardrobe but don’t think 16 little magnets would be enough! Do you deliver to Ireland? Were I live! Would they be available for hardware shops? And can you use other magnets (ordinary fridge ones,if you run out?) also can you buy extra magnet refills separately? Live in a rented house