Friday Link Pack

Jon Lax takes CreativeMornings attendees through an informative and insightful history of the billable hour, including its origin and probable cause for its proliferation across industries. Jon proposed that it’s time to end the billable hour.

– I get cranky when I am hungry, I need this shirt.

– I discovered some cool new apps via this post in which Michael Galpert shares his iphone screens. Also, superhappy to see the TeuxDeux app icon on there.

– This 1954 Alfa Romeo Bat 7 took my breath away.

Jobs that no longer exist.

– Fascinated by this tutorial on YouTube on how to make a Japanese Omelette with a square frying pan!

– Getty Images now lets you embed and share its imagery – at no cost – for non-commercial use on websites, blogs and social media channels through a new embed tool. This is big.

– Yes, please: A Typographic Approach to Email. (via)


– This Instagram account might turn me into a lover of dogs and naps.

A candle that melts into a new candle. So cool.

– “focus on building a company, not a startup” – Chris Poole (via)

Corkers Totem. Made me smile.

Google Overlays Historical Data Onto Modern-Day Maps

– This pattern design toy called Kaleidograph is pretty cool. I want to play with it!

Web economy bullshit generator. (via)

– The famous Oscar selfie built out of LEGO.

Recipes to try with your 6-9 Year Old.

– Interesting: Unmark is the to do app for bookmarks.

I love my co-workers, so much.

– One day I will live in a white box like this one. To some it looks sterile, to me it looks zen.

– Guys, 2014 will be awesome. Who agrees?

Househappy is looking to hire a Sr. Ruby Engineer. I would totally work for this company, just based on the name alone.

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  1. Good bunch of links this week! Always a pleasure reading.

    I feel the need to bring up the post about by Michael Galpert. It makes me sad when half the apps people recommend are specific to New York or San Francisco. These are not recommendations, but touts for how trendy you are. Why not make recommendations for apps or services that have made it beyond the incubation period and are actually useful to your readership?

    That aside, it’s a pretty good list.

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