Chicago based Shiner takes photos off your Instagram feed and puts them into your life. Shiner turn your images into beautiful, ready-to-hang art. Jenn has two examples hanging over her desk. Looks really fantastic.

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  1. Again, yet another company not giving one dime to the original artist. This is stealing, plain and simple. Makes me want to delete my Instagram immediately, which I was already leaning towards ever since facebook bought them. (Also, since when did it become fashionable to not give credit to the creator of something? They make no mention of this on their site. And they call themselves artists?)

    *Sorry if I sound like a troll or bully. Not my intention. I’m just passionate about originality.

  2. ChicagoM,

    All photos featured used in advertising are either in house photographs or permission was granted. As well as all sales are photos uploaded are the images of the people ordering them. Shiner Photo does not steal artwork.