How to remove a temporary tattoo…

Did you ever wonder how to best remove a Tattly Temporary Tattoo? Nic and Ace created the above video to show just that. Leave it to my team to turn something as seemingly boring as an instructional video into something seriously fun. They are the best!

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  1. Hahaha I *loved* this – thank you for sharing! Big fan of all that Tattly does :)

  2. What a great little video! Nice smiles all around this morning while watching this. Great job!

  3. Super cute…laughed at the end :)

  4. Aww. I just bought Tattly “I Love You” tattoos for my son who started kindergarten yesterday. He wore one and I wore one and I told him that every time he missed me, he could look down and the tattoo and know that I’m thinking about him. First day of school went well for him though he told me he looked at the tattoo “about a million times.” Thanks!

  5. funny!!
    and great story JC

  6. Lol that was a wonderful video showing the tricks to remove the temporary tattoo easily :) Loved it

  7. This is great! Love it!