IKEA Parodies Apple Product Commercial

This Apple commercial parody to introduce IKEA’s new catalog made me laugh. Experience the power of a book book!

(via Daniel)

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  1. And reminiscent of another classic from Scandinavia:

  2. I did a similar comedy flick some months ago:

  3. Very nice. Trying to figure out how he’s pronouncing “Ikea.” Sounds like he has different syllable technology.

  4. So it’s pronounced “uh-KEE-uh”?

  5. In most European languages the I is pronounced more like how Americans pronounce the letter E.

  6. More like “eek kea”

  7. “eKea” in response to those wondering.

  8. Very similar to the concept of the children’s book “It’s a book” by Lane Smith…

  9. 1:07 – bathroom browsing!

  10. Oh, this is just the same (but better produced) video that was around youtube from 2010. :S https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhcPX1wVp38

  11. Between his eyes and the opening statement, this is a perfect parody of Apple. The expressions of the people in the Apple commercials always remind me of the 40 Year Old Virgin movie poster.