Navigating the Open Sea of Knowledge

Thoughts on navigating the open sea of knowledge by Maria Popova.

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  1. It seems like we spend so much energy and time on the information part (the reading and the watching) and not allowing ourselves to experience the concepts–the ideas–presented in the information. I think the fear of failure comes into play here, too. We might think we’re soaking up all that there is, but until we’ve tried it, failed, learned something along the way, failed again, and then maybe found some success in it, it’s difficult–if not impossible–to approach something with wisdom. Wisdom is often associated with age, with an abundance of life experiences–good and bad, so this makes me wonder: Are we not focusing on the experiential part enough? Are we skipping over the meat of it?

    I also think there is something to be said about truly understanding ourselves and how we might act/react at a given time or during a specific encounter or event; truly understanding ourselves and the people around us could also be included when thinking about wisdom.

    Really great video! xx