Switch Port: A dry-erase light switch

switch port

This light switch with a built in dry-erase board is smart and useful. A brainchild of 16 year old Nick Bain. Hat tip!

(thanks Zerlina)

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  1. No good if you have kids… endless hours of explaining to them a white wall is not an empty canvas only to use a “sharpie” to draw and the light switch.

    I can already see the confusion in my kids faces.

  2. Admirable idea from a motivated young man, but how is this preferable to hanging a small dry-erase board next to the switch?
    Sometimes adding multitasking and functionality actually DIMINISHES quality. it CAN be good thing to have a one-trick-pony like the light-switch).

  3. I ordered this, to leave reminders to myself at the front door. No sloppy dry erase board and looks like just a switch when no reminder is there! We should all remember being 16 and support this creative young man. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it, but there is no need for any negative comments.