CreativeMornings: Lucien Zayan

Lucien Zayan is one of my all-time favorite people here in NYC. Last month he spoke on the theme of UGLY at our CreativeMornings/NewYork.

Hard to believe, but it was his first time speaking in public. He won the 200+ crowd over instantly. You could literally feel everyone’s heart open up. In his talk, Lucien is telling the story of The Invisible Dog, the artist space in Brooklyn that I am lucky to call my new work home in another 36 days.

The world needs more people like Lucien, who see beauty where others can’t. NYC is a better place because of him.

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  1. I absolutely adore him. This was great. Trust. We need much more of that.

  2. I’ve told Lucien this: Whenever I’m at Invisible Dog to see and review a show, I feel happy. There’s energy there that is just wonderful, quite distinct from what I might feel in other NYC performance venues and art spaces that might look more polished and sophisticated. I don’t know what it is, really, but I appreciate what he has accomplished. He has a good spirit, and maybe that is what is reflected in this space.

  3. Trust is a beautiful thing. If you have peoples trust you work hard not to lose that trust. Thrust is the invisible dog. You gotta love the dog. I’m from Sydney. I enjoyed Lucien. I have known few people like him. But when you meet them, they glow. I salute you mate.! Xxx…