Zero Talent Required

zero luck or talent needed

So good: 10 things that require no talent or luck.

(via Jocelyn)

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  1. SwissMiss, is time to develop a new design for your blog. I can barely read the items on the left sidebar.

  2. Sorry but this is fucking nonsense. Literally all of those traits depend heavily upon having decent mental health (purely luck related, as nobody chooses their parents, genetic mutations, or nurture).

  3. Looks like these commenters should pay more attention to #6!

    But also, kind of agree that many of these imagine a subject who has all their basic needs met already, and is culturally accepted.

  4. This list is borderline offensive. What about people with different abilities? SES? Can you expect a single mother or father with multiple jobs to be on time every time?

  5. Being coachable sounds like it comes from the Landmark Forum.

  6. Hi Nori- I find your comment absolutely offensive. You seem to be saying, for example, that poor people (people of different SES Socio Economic status) aren’t capable of following basic employment protocol. What on earth are you saying? Poor people can’t be on time? I’m a social worker, I often visit clients in public housing apartments, and I’ve never once met someone who thinks that because they’re not middle class, they should have different (read lax) responsibilities than everyone else.
    It seems you might be seeing differently abled or poor people as victims in need of rescuing rather than as capable adults.

  7. These are traits that I’d consider compliments if people said them about me.

  8. You need 3, 5, and 6 to carry off most of the others. It’s true that none of these require talent, but I’d also say that none of them require a specific set of socioeconomic factors. Suggesting that they are “nonsense” because they rely on having decent mental or physical health misses the point. Of course some of them may, but the topic under discussion is “talent.” I’d argue that many of these can’t be achieved without self-discipline, a seldom-discussed trait that determines all kinds of success and achievement in life — and I don’t mean purely in terms of career or finance. Getting almost anything started and then finished requires self-discipline. Wish I had more of it.

  9. Though I don’t necessarily agree with all the critical comments, I do take some issue with the implication that these traits come equally easily to everyone. Some people have challenges related to health (physical, mental, emotional), access to resources, and unforeseen life events that make things such as having “energy,” “doing extra” and “being prepared” a lot more difficult for them than for others (imagine someone with chronic fatigue related to a health condition or a mental health condition such as major depression trying to summon more energy, someone with a special needs child and a lack of access to child care trying to “do extra” at work while still meeting their family’s needs, or a child with very little support from family or school trying to be as prepared as a child with tons of support to succeed in attaining a higher education). These things might not require “talent,” but I would argue that some form of luck definitely plays a role.