How Stamps Get Designed

Learn what goes into designing a stamp for the U.S. Postal Service. (But wait, that FOREVER stamp, wasn’t that designed by Jessica Hische? Doesn’t it sound like he’s taking credit for it in this video?)

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  1. Antonio Alcalá is an art director for the USPS who came up with a concept, including some roughs he drew up, and the final design was executed by Jessica Hische … as credited to her on the screen when they’re showing the final stamp and on the video credits as well. Pretty straightforward, no?

  2. Here is a short video of Jessica which was interesting.

  3. Agreed Neil. Design is a collaborative process.

  4. … to be able to create a stamp is my dream project: what a nice idea to have an art work everyone easily can afford and then it takes a trip around the world!

  5. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to propose a design for Canada Post early in my career–what an incredible process that was. There are more complex security measures (and therefore design requirements) with Canadian stamps, since they are treated like currency, with special colourless inks and only a few presses that met stringent security levels in the plants.

  6. Agree that it’s a collaborative process, but that isn’t explicit from the narrative and visuals of how the video was cut, even with Jessica’s name popping up in the corner for a hot second. Side note: Jessica’s short interview on her process lettering this stamp (which you featured awhile back) is adorable!