We Are All Counting On You!

A few days ago I walked into the bathroom in our office building and saw the above situation played out. I took a photo and posted it on our internal Slack channel, expressing my frustration. My studiomate Jeff, took it to the next level and got quite philosophical.

“Dear person who thinks this is OK, I assure you that when you figure out how to break through whatever is holding you back from putting the roll of toilet paper on the axle, there is no telling what you can achieve in life. You can do it. We’re all counting on you.”

Made me smile.

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  1. Perfection!

  2. What I see is the cheapest toilet paper available ;) Get rid of one “team member” and invest :D

  3. I think a charitable interpretation is possible. Maybe the person is an ultra toilet paper conserver? They didn’t need the last two squares, but assumed the next person would use them and they didn’t want to leave that person in the lurch, so they placed the next roll in grabbing distance.

  4. Hi! I agree with Laurel’s thoughts. Maybe the person was conflicted about not using the last couple squares of toilet paper and did not want to throw them away, but also didn’t want to leave the next person shit out of luck with only two squares to use (yes, I did intend that pun!).

  5. I’ve never thought of calling that thing the “axle” — but made me realize i don’t think i’ve called it anything? “Just put the roll on the thing!”

  6. I’ve always thought of it as a ‘spindle’. I like axle too.

  7. My guess is that the individual in question is in fact a people-pleaser. But was in a quandary about which way to put to load it on the “axle” (i.e. forward vs. backwards rolling). FYI: forward rolling is the answer. Perhaps a set of instructions on (or near?) the cardboard core?

  8. I agree, with everything related already, but for me there is something quite nice about letting a roll of toilet paper spin inside of a cupped hand.

  9. s-m-i-l-i-n-g too!
    ♡liche Grüße von
    Sabine aus WO(rms)

  10. Thank you.
    Someone needed to say it!

  11. I think that note is really lovely. This sort of thing drives me insane – not because it’s hard to fix, but because it’s not. We share the world. It seems the easier we make the simplest tasks for everyone, the less engaged people are. That note is just a, “Hey, wake up. Pay attention.” Love it.

  12. Ok, as someone who does this frequently, let me put in my two cents: I really dislike (hate is too strong a word) having to mess with the spring-loaded axle. We just build a house, and I would not let the builders install the toilet paper holders specifically because I didn’t want that type. There are many other options besides spring loaded (and I guarantee that your design-focused mind would appreciate many of them). Yeah, it’s a matter of seconds to change, but an irritation every time. I’m not excusing my/their behavior, but I bet this person and I have the same pet peeve. Or they’re just lazy….