Leica’s Never Changing Brand Identity

Powerful 2011 ad by Leica on never changing their brand identity: “When you keep being different from everything, changing makes no sense.”

(via iA)

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  1. They’ve changed several times… Just take a look at Wiki Article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leica_Camera

    Famous red circle appeared in late 70’s

  2. antfucker petrenko, relax… is this the same swiss miss as a decade ago?

  3. Except that it’s not true. The red dot on the cameras said Leitz before 1986 when Leica separated from its parent company. And the Leica script have changed several times since 1925 when the Leica I were introduced. Before that it was just prototypes without a brand name even if the original one is referred to as the Ur-Leica.

    See some examples here: https://twitter.com/alfrednerstu/status/906083594887729152