FREITAG Travel Bag

Whenever I think I can’t possibly love FREITAG more than I already do, they come out with a new, innovative bag, like Zeppelin, their first inflatable travel bag on wheels. The fact that it folds down when not in use gets my two thumbs up! And, of course, that each one of them is unique, as they are made out of recycled truck tarp. So much YES!

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  1. Inflated items that go into aircraft baggage compartments will burst at altitude. If you fly with this bag, deflate it at check-in.


  3. To the first commenter, here’s what their FAQ says:

    No, you don’t need to deflate the ZIPPELIN at any point of your journey. In modern commercial aircraft, the air pressure in the cargo hold is virtually the same as the pressure in the passenger cabin – approx. 75% of the air pressure at sea level. In other words, the difference in air pressure between the inflated bicycle inner tube and the air in the cargo hold at cruising altitude will increase by about 0.25 bar in camparison to sea level. Our internal tests and several flights have indicated that our design can withstand a much higher pressure than the additional 0.25 bar, so it is not a problem.