Water Bike

These water bikes made me chuckle.

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  1. Plan on an extraordinary life
    Plan to rise above the mediocrity of your surroundings
    Plan to say yes to opportunities
    Plan to take adventurous risks
    Plan to stay off the beaten path
    Plan to keep going when you mess up
    Plan to make a fool of yourself every so often
    Plan to be in the game for a long time
    Plan to follow your dreams
    Plan on not settling for less

    Know you can make a difference daily
    Know you win in the end, as long as you play to the best of your ability
    Know you have an internal compass that is a perfect guide
    Know that you are at your most powerful by being yourself
    Know you are training now, for something more important later
    Know your best investment is always in learning
    Know Karma counts
    Know you have a gift to give to the world
    Know you are meant to be great
    Know you still think too small
    Trust that your positive actions will always create positive results, seen or unseen

    Trust your efforts are being supported by the universe
    Trust your life is going to get better and better
    Trust life is very generous to those who follow their dreams
    Trust “coincidences” and “synchronicities” hint at the actions you should take
    Trust you’ll always have enough money as long as you’re honoring your dreams
    Trust everything happens for a reason
    Trust the only thing that can stop you from accomplishing your master work is fear of failure
    Trust in being brave

    Refuse to horde money
    Refuse to compromise your values
    Refuse to make choices based on “what others would do”
    Refuse to compare your progress to the progress of others
    Refuse to wait for other’s permission, approval, or “go ahead”

    Figure not everyone will approve of your approach

    I think that´s Huna wisdom

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  3. Peter. I love this! Could you leave it under the 40 ways to live a full life post?