6 Things You’re Recycling Wrong

Can you recycle coffee cups or greasy pizza boxes? If you’re tossing things in the recycling bin out of sheer hope, you might be an “aspirational recycler.” 6 Things You’re Recycling Wrong

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  1. Thank you for sharing this!
    We also call this “wishful recycling”.
    Taking a tour at a sorting facility really opened my mind about the fact that there is not necessarily someone at the end of the line who’s gonna remove the things that you thought were recyclable.
    Paper cups are a big one. I wish they were called “plastic-lined paper cups” “or paper-wrapped plastic cups” so that people easily identify them as non-recyclable.
    Well, I wish more people got a reusable coffee mug and stopped using them altogether, but that would be crazy, OR WOULD IT?

  2. I know about disposable coffee cup, that’s why I decide making coffee myself at home. Thank you for sharing the post.

  3. The Environmental Protection Agency says the average American generates about four pounds of trash per day – and we recycle about one-third of our waste. But some of the things you put in your recycling bin are likely still ending up at the landfill. It’s important we all get the details right, because a certain level of non-recyclables can contaminate the entire recycling bin. In other words, if enough plastic bags or wrappers are spotted in a yellow bin, the whole lot can end up in landfill.