Ram Dass | How to Love Yourself

Last week, during my solo birthday trip to New Mexico, I was introduced to the work of Ram Dass. What a beautiful world it has opened up.

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  1. inspirational..

    do you have a youtube channel for ramm dass?

    please share the link..

  2. brilliant and simple…thanks for sharing ;)

  3. Aww. I love him. I went to see him in college. He’s wonderful! My first boyfriend called him “Rum Dum.” Always made me giggle.

  4. Yes!! So mind-opening. I’ve also enjoyed the books of his friend (who doesn’t have a body ?), Emmanuel. One of my fav lines from him is, “The entire universe is a beautiful thought.”

  5. Where did you go in New Mexico? I live there part time and love it.

  6. “Appreciating what is.” This video couldn’t have come at a better time for me, so thank you Moirae/Fates.