Fujiyama Glass

Ok, I realize this glass is pricey with its $100 price tag but look at it! It’s absolutely stunning! I love and agree with this line in the product description: “a good drink requires a good presentation”. It is inspired by Japan’s tallest mountain, Mt. Fuji and is handblown by master craftsmen at Sugahara Glassworks. Wishlisted!

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  1. Wait! Tina! It has to be functional too…. I mean, can you imagine how hard it would be to drink all the liquid out of that thing?

    Love your blog ?

    Elmore, VT

  2. Right, it will cut into your nose.

    (Love your Blog, too!)

  3. Totally form over function. If anything, I would want a glass to be wider at the *top* so it would be easier to grasp and not as likely to slip out of your hand. It seems to be challenging to hold and drink from…
    (love your blog as well!)