Advice For My Younger Self:

“When I was younger, I worried that every decision I made would send me down that path for LIFE. Every time I faced a choice of whether to accept a new job, move to a different city or stay in a relationship, I built it up as a definitive, forever-life-altering moment. And while that was true on some level — all the little choices do, in fact, add up to the life that you end up living — I wish I could go back in time and whisper in my own ear, ‘Let this decision just be this decision, not a loaded choice about the rest of your days on earth. You can always reroute.’”
— Ann Friedman

What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

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  1. A million times this!

  2. Thank you. I needed to hear this today.

  3. I once heard a saying that really helped release my hold on the importance of specific decisions : You can only turn a moving ship.

    Meaning : If you’re stuck on a decision, you’re standing still and not allowing yourself to move forward. Making the decision allows you to move forward – AND you can always change direction, but you have to be moving forward to change direction!