There is a pandemic happening in the world and I am posting about a good looking pitcher. Is everything weird now?

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  1. Sure, but the aesthetics were also incredible in the 1940s. All of life can’t and should not be ugly.

  2. I for one am tired of seeing posts about face masks. So thanks for posting this lovely pitcher!

  3. No! We can always appreciate good style and styling! Thanks for posting.

  4. Love DesignMilk. Your posts et al make me happy. But when I clicked on the Orange Pitcher to get details on the product, it took me to the Urban Outfitters site where I found this mis-spelling in their description of the pitcher:

    “Product Sku: 55717466; Color Code: 086

    Set a boho scene when you serve up something tasty in this ceramic picture, offering a pinched spout, side handle and ridged texture etched around edges.”

    ‘Ceramic PICTURE??!!!!”

    Typos happen, of course. But makes one wonder what other attention to detail has been overlooked.

  5. Sorry
    Für mich muss Wasser im Glakrug und Glas sein….

  6. @Jay, I love DesignMilk too. I am swissmiss. :)

  7. Yes. Capitalism seems to be taking its last gasp, clinging to the edge of the cliff for dear life. Thank God.