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Mark Epstein: The Importance of Uncertainty

– This article makes my heart ache for all of the restaurant owners out there: My Restaurant Was My Life for 20 Years. Does the World Need It Anymore? (I recommend you listen to it, with an introduction by Gabrielle at the beginning!)

– This is WONDERFUL: 68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice, from no other than Kevin Kelly

How to Deal With Career Anxiety in Uncertain Times

– I enjoyed some of the nuggets of wisdom Neil Gaiman shares in this video compilation.

– How incredible talented is Jocie Juritz?

– Here’s where you can screen Beyond the Visible, a movie on Hilma AF Klint.

New York Is Wounded. I Miss It More Than Ever.

– I enjoyed this TED talk by Caroline McHugh on The Art of Being Yourself. Also, her outfit is incredible!

– NYT architecture critic leading virtual tours of Manhattan’s skyscrapers (via Dezeen)

This feels about right.

– I feel this so much: Why do video meetings might feel more “exhausting” than in-person meetings.

Refillable on the go hand sanitizer bottles.

– I recently wrote about how much my kids love Blinks. They just launched a Kickstarter for 20 new games!

– I have finally given Marco Polo a try. What a super fun way to stay in touch with friends and family.

– I like the look of Super solid object 1.

– Whoa, this bike! Obviously not practical but fun to look at.

Love this puzzle.

– You can attend a plethora of free virtual FieldTrips over on CreativeMornings. They are soul-nourishing, warm, funny, generous. See for yourself. This community is generosity and kindness personified.

On a personal note: Ever since we went into lockdown, over 5 weeks ago, I have been the one fulfilling Tattly orders. Every Monday I enter our empty office, with a heavy heart, but *so* grateful that there are still orders coming in. I am not sure what the future holds. I had to let most of my staff go, which is something I haven’t been public about, as I am feeling a lot of shame and guilt around it. I am hoping to find a way for Tattly to live on, even considering it might be someone else leading it into its next chapter. The brand is strong and loved and full of potential. Trying to trust and be open to all of the possiblities. Hugs to everyone who is going through a similar experience.

Earlier this week:

I want this desk.

I am fascinated by the idea of the idea of a more feminine economy.

“The universe is conspiring behind your back to make you a success. This will be much easier to do if you embrace this pronoia.” — Kevin Kelly

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  1. Thank you for posting about your feelings with Tattly, my goodness you’re only human, so feel regret and loss, but please don’t feel shame about having to let people go. I’m sure you didn’t do it lightly.

  2. Here’s hoping Tattly finds its way through. It’s been a bright spot in many of my days! Sending support + positivity your way.

  3. I am so deeply sorry about all that you’re doing through with Tattly. I greatly appreciate your vulnerability though sharing. You’re in my thoughts over here in Norway. I can only imagine how much sweat & energy has gone into making the brand be the ray of sunshine it is. Sending lots of love and support.

  4. Hoping that you are able to come through to the other side with Tattly. Thank you for sharing even in this difficult time.