Please exhale!

I have been holding my breath since March. While trying to keep my companies alive and making sure my kids feel emotionally safe. ⁣

I am done holding my breath. ⁣

“At any point in our lives, we can choose to be happy, no matter the circumstances,” my wise friend @suefan once said. ⁣

Think about it. ⁣

At any time you can choose love over fear. ⁣

I refuse to let 2020 go down as an unlived year.⁣

I hereby exhale and surrender to what is. ⁣

I am going to breathe deeply and actively look for and celebrate anything that brings me joy:⁣

Be it this imperfectly perfect heart-shaped tomato.

Rollerskaters dancing. (Check my Instagram story highlight titled HAPPY) ⁣

Tending to my plants.⁣

Sitting with my neighbors on my stoop.⁣. …

Given that 2020 is one big dumpster fire, I am trying to think of joy-producing ideas that up the ante. ⁣

Here’s one that made me giggle: What if we muster up all of our courage and confess to our secret crushes?

“Hi [insert name],⁣

2020 sucks. But I figured it would make you happy to know that I have been secretly crushing on you.”⁣

Can you imagine how that would make your day? ⁣

There are 124 days left in 2020. Let’s live a little. Let’s be warriors of joy. ⁣

PS: Please, exhale. ⁣

(originally posted over on my Instagram account)

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  1. Hi Tina,

    2020 sucks. But I figured it would make you happy to know that I have been secretly crushing on your blog. It is giving me strength as I fight a cancer diagnosis. I constantly lean on your breathe and push post. We will get through this. My hashtag life goal is to meet you in person and to look you in the eye without tearing to say thank you for bringing meaning to my life through your blog, Keep doing the hard work. It pays off.

    ⁣With gratitude,

  2. For some reason I have missed realizing that you are behind Tattly, which continues to be a good lift when I need one, and also provides perfect mailable surprises to an unsuspecting friend. So please know that although the fires do burn, you bring light in all the good ways, even to my island three miles out to sea.

  3. Yes! I made this decision on August 4 and, no surprise, it has been transformative.

    I live in northern CA, where we get to add wildfires to the 2020 list, but this “exhale” approach has kept us steady and grateful.

  4. 2020 has been my best year yet.
    It’s all a matter of perspective and attitude.
    Count your blessings, love.