What a fascinating glimpse into a different world: Greenland, the remote territory, rich in minerals and pure water, shows the world how to live during quarantine.

HELP: Dear dev savvy humans, how do I turn off autoplay on this video? I looked at the code but it’s not obvious to me.

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  1. Locate your embed code.
    Locate the src=”youtubeurlhere”
    At the end of the youtubeurlhere add the following: ? autoplay=0&rel=0.
    The URL should then look like srce=”youtubeurlhere? autoplay=0&rel=0″
    Click Update.

  2. Thanks @jeremy. I did what you said. Maybe I did it wrong as it is still autoplaying.

  3. ? Long-time follower here from Greenland. It’s nice to see my country featured somewhere I care about. ❤️ Qaanaaq is quite a bit away from the capital where I live both in distance and in everyday life. I didn’t even knew some still hunted narwhale with kayaks (qajaq in Greenlandic) as kayaking now mostly is leisure and sport.

  4. Also, the video doesn’t seem to be a youtube-hosted video so you might have to change the attribute on the -element instead. See autoplay:

  5. Hi Pierre! Thank you for your kind comment!

  6. Hey Tina! You have two ? signs at the script to embed the video. Replace the 2nd (not the first) with a &, and maybe it will work. Let’s hope this removes the autoplay. ;)

  7. Hi Tina – Just wanted to support Ale’s recommendation to remove autoplay! You should change the ? in front of ‘autoplay’ to be an &. Similar to how you list things in English grammar – the ?’s and &’s in code are similar to the relationship between comma’s and ‘and’. Plenty of commas, only ever one ‘and.’ You wouldn’t say: blue and purple and red and green. You’d write: blue, purple, red, and green. In code, you’d write: ?blue&purple&red&green ! Hope this helps!

  8. Ale, Meg, thank you both so much! YAY! It worked!

    Thank all of you wonderful humans!