What a fascinating glimpse into a different world: Greenland, the remote territory, rich in minerals and pure water, shows the world how to live during quarantine.

HELP: Dear dev savvy humans, how do I turn off autoplay on this video? I looked at the code but it’s not obvious to me.

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  1. Locate your embed code.
    Locate the src=”youtubeurlhere”
    At the end of the youtubeurlhere add the following: ? autoplay=0&rel=0.
    The URL should then look like srce=”youtubeurlhere? autoplay=0&rel=0″
    Click Update.

  2. Thanks @jeremy. I did what you said. Maybe I did it wrong as it is still autoplaying.

  3. 👋 Long-time follower here from Greenland. It’s nice to see my country featured somewhere I care about. ❤️ Qaanaaq is quite a bit away from the capital where I live both in distance and in everyday life. I didn’t even knew some still hunted narwhale with kayaks (qajaq in Greenlandic) as kayaking now mostly is leisure and sport.

  4. Hi Pierre! Thank you for your kind comment!

  5. Hey Tina! You have two ? signs at the script to embed the video. Replace the 2nd (not the first) with a &, and maybe it will work. Let’s hope this removes the autoplay. ;)

  6. Hi Tina – Just wanted to support Ale’s recommendation to remove autoplay! You should change the ? in front of ‘autoplay’ to be an &. Similar to how you list things in English grammar – the ?’s and &’s in code are similar to the relationship between comma’s and ‘and’. Plenty of commas, only ever one ‘and.’ You wouldn’t say: blue and purple and red and green. You’d write: blue, purple, red, and green. In code, you’d write: ?blue&purple&red&green ! Hope this helps!

  7. Ale, Meg, thank you both so much! YAY! It worked!

    Thank all of you wonderful humans!