Teno: Sound in a New Light

I remember last year, when I had lunch with the wonderfully thoughtful and talented Max Guwanan, who’s aesthetic I deeply admire, and he showed me his latest product prototype. I at first wasn’t sure what I was looking at and he proceeded to explain it’s a light but also a speaker. Fast forward to this week, where he launched Teno, a new kind of speaker and a new kind of light. And most of all, a beautifully sculptural object. Congrats Max, you did it again. First Lumio, now Teno.

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  1. Yeah. Nice idea but 259 quid for a speaker is going nowhere regardless of the nice design. Might have gone for 75.

    Also, your stock answer to the sustainability query on your FAQ. Recycling works when done right but isn’t a total solution so you lie. You don’t even explain how your product addresses that. Can you pop out the bluetooth 4 module an pop in a bluetooth 5? Can you pop in quicker/more efficient audio processors? NO
    Where is your sustainability? Nowhere.

    If you can answer these questions I won’t bring them to the media as I think you are false advertising a potentially great USB light/speaker on platforms it should have no part in. Your whole sustainability angle seems to be a sham.

    Also, put your email address or a contact form into the crowd funding so I can ask questions before funding. If you need futind for comments to be made make them $1 not $5 as the min.

    Regardless of the price you lost me on many points of me being able to ask about the product first vial the croudfunding site I found it.