Raising Baby Grey, a Gender-Neutral Child

Thank you Kottke for surfacing this fascinating piece on raising children in a gender-neutral way. Thought provoking.

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  1. Their love and intent is so beautiful. Grey is so lucky to have such compassionate parents to guide them.

  2. This will work beautifully until the kid goes to school and steps out of a bubble.

    My son loves his long hair and chopped part of it off yesterday because of what people say to him. He’s almost 6. He goes to montessori and has still absorbed weird messages about “girl’ colors,etc.

    Saw a study that the height of gender neutral clothes and toys was the 1970s. Our fashion was weird across the board, there was no disney princess crap and the girly industrial complex had yet to begin. There can be a gentler middle if we just let it be so.

    Why not let a child simply gravitate toward what they want and let them breathe and evolve as they do without going to ANY extreme.