My decision to stop drinking a few months has made me put my feelers out for exciting, tasty non-alcoholic beverages. There’s a lot on the market but unfortunately many of the drinks are super high in sugar. But then I discovered Hoplark’s Hoptea, a super tasty, refreshing, frizzy ice tea. Non-alcoholic. No sugar. No calories. Just tea. I am in love and won’t stop gushing about them. Hopefully I can convince my local deli and grocery stores to carry them, but until then, I order online.

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  1. hiii. i’m in the same boat. Almost 2 months not drinking and I feel so healthy and clear but with summer coming I want to be armed with lots of good booze free options (that are not sweet!) So far I have been loving Monday Zero Alch Gin with some light tonic and a big lime, Fever Tree aromatic bitters tonic (so many fun varieties) and Sam Adams has a great non alch hazy IPA that is so refreshing. xo and thanks for all your amazing content. If you find yourself in Rhode Islands this summer come visit me for a mocktail;)

  2. Can’t wait to try this! Also recommend Seedlip, curious elixirs, and Kin. Not cheap, but helps with the ritual aspects!

  3. Have you tried HOP Hoppy Refresher from Lagunitas? Zero alcohol, zero sugar. It’s one of my faves.