Digital Gardens

“…as I wander the internet, I wonder where the digital gardens are that will connect me to fellow gardeners more deeply. More often than not, the digital gardens of today are botanic—privately owned online spaces made for visitors to fawn over while a “do not touch” sign looms in view. These private gardens are generative for our personal learning, but they are far from the communal gardens I grew up in that valued collective work and knowledge. Where are the digital gardens that lead us towards collective learning, play, and dreaming?”

On Digital Gardens: Tending to Our Collective Multiplicity by Annika Hansteen-Izora

(Thank you Annie)

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  1. I keep a digital garden! :-) it’s in the form of a newsletter called Handpicked where I share a list of links and analog photos every Wednesday. Last week’s featured my 7-yr-old’s pet snail, Matthew McConaughey. More often than not, there’s a swiss miss link in there too! xo

  2. I have a digital garden, I love taking pictures of it, it gives me lot of peace to see it finish now, I keep posting pictures on my Instagram account my favourite part is how many birds are coming now and all the sounds around, we also enjoy cooking outside I love it!