Journey to the end of the Internet

With a technique called picidae, two swiss artists Mathias Jud und Christoph Wachter, managed to find a way to by-pass internet censorship that rule countries such as China. Here’s how picidae works: If you invoke a pici-server a form field appears to fill in a web address. The pici-server then creates an – clickable – image of that website and sends this back. To make surfing on that image possible, pici-server analyses the web site and puts links via image maps onto the image where they can be seen on the web site. So one can click in the web browser with the mouse onto the links like on the “true” web page. … Everybody may set up and run a pici-server on her/his own computer. The code is freely downloadable from our developer section and there are step by step installation instructions.

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Journey to the end of the Internet

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(Thank you Jürgen)

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  1. This is great. The rebellion begins!