gigantic soccer statues in zurich train station


The most remarkable thing about these statues is not that one of them has no buttocks, nor that they are about 10 meters tall. Most interesting is the fact that it was actually claimed by the two rent-a-cops (pictured in this panorama) that photography of these statues was illegal….because the images of these statues belong to Adidas and no one else (never mind the dozens of mobile phone cameras snapping away, to our left and right.) Oh dear… Well, after a short scuffle with these two security guards, some real police came, who obviously knew better than to restrict a harmless activity in a public place. Thank you, Swiss police, for protecting me from these bone-headed ‘security guards’.” (Marco, a reader, sent me this in an email, don’t know who wrote it originally)

(thank you Marco)

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  1. Hi, I wrote it originally :-)
    Nice blog, thanks for posting it! :-)

    Jeffrey Martin,

  2. Comparing the statues with actual people approaching their shoes you realize how tall they are! My low-res mobile cam images: Stella McLoughlin’s hi-res images: Amazing …