Subway Art Gallery Opening

Improv Everywhere recently organized an art gallery opening on a NYC subway platform featuring ordinary objects found in the area as the “art”, each with it’s own descriptive placard, such as: “Convergence” (1962), electrical conduit and fittings, tile wall.

(via laughingsquid)

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  1. This is great. I did a similar thing in Architecture School. I had finished a project up early one evening, and while every one else in my studio slaved over their models until the break of dawn, I spent the time typing up dozens of placards for elements of the building, transforming them into art, just as the video here shows. We had a school-wide critique (of final projects) the next day and the place was packed with local architects. No one ever discovered who pulled it off, but people were generally amused by it.

  2. Another one of the thousand amazing things I missed in NYC this week :(
    Did they offer drinks to the NYPD when they showed up?