Need a Problem?


Need a problem? Order one! Here’s how it works: Order the desired number of problems. Pay the ordered problems safely and easily via PayPal. Within 48h, you receive from needaproblem a specially generated link to your e-mail address indicated at PayPal, from which you can call up your problem. As soon as you have solved the problem, you send us the proof to solution(at) Your proof will be checked and – if you wish – you will be listed on the list of best problem solvers.

This is all based on the philosophy of:

“The biggest enemy of hapiness is – apart from pain – boredom.” — Arthur Schopenhauer

And yes, something like this can only come out of Switzerland.

(thanks rob)

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  1. You pay for someone to give you some problems?!

  2. Yeah. Can’t say I get this either. My problem is I have too many problems.

  3. @Sam: You can also DONATE a problem!

  4. those guys really have to be bored!
    i prefer problems solved for free…

  5. if you gonna promote the site on tv-total (pro 7) make sure you can support the 500.000 to 1 mil users that will access it at the same time.. now the site is down due to capacity problems :|

    RR from romania