Neutraface Slab Blocks


Houseindustries developed this beautiful, compact set of 12 Neutraface Slab alphabet blocks that will transmit subliminal stylistic messages to both young impressionable minds or the odd dolt whose narrow view of typography is defined by a partial screening of the Helvetica movie.

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  1. beautiful! i wouldn’t let my kids play with them, though…

  2. Next payday, I hope to snatch a set of these up. So darn pretty (and the new slabface is lovely to boot!)

  3. You made me want them! :)

  4. M & Co. had a set out about 10 years ago. This is the first set I’ve seen that was as nice. What a great find.

  5. Eep! It’s not possible to want anything more (well, today anyway).

    The faces with the engraved letters on are beautiful.