ABC Oddity

ABC Oddity from autofuss on Vimeo.

ABC Oddity is an adorable Alphabet iPhone app for your little one. Begin at the menu where your child can choose a letter and enter a magical hand-drawn world. Your offspring can touch the illustrations to see words in written form and hear them pronounced. Swiping and shaking will allow your child to explore other richly populated letter worlds. (I admit though, iPhone apps that want toddlers to ‘shake’ the phone make me nervous. Ella has turned my iPhone into a bonafide missile a few times…)

Here’s the link to ABC Oddity on iTunes.

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  1. hahahaha!
    That’s my girl!
    My friend works for Autofuss and he asked me to send in my video after seeing the review on my blog.
    You can see the original video here:
    and yes, the iphone shaking is nerve racking but it’s so much fun!

  2. Cute but…books are good too. All this mental stimulation in the form of video isn’t good for young brains.

  3. neither is te radiation from the phone. make sure to have it airplane mode when letting the little ones use it.

  4. It’s not video… it’s an interactive screen that reacts with sound when you press the pictures that coincide with each letter.