Simplicity is the path, not just the destination

Simplicity, many people think,
is an end in itself
But they’re getting it backwards
Simplicity is the path, the means
It’s not a far off destination,
somewhere in the future
It’s right here, right now
It’s taking things one at a time
It’s asking simple questions
It’s taking simple actions
It’s doing it slowly
It’s considering and being conscious,
with everything

When you find yourself becoming overwhelmed
on the path to simplicity
Taking a complicated, frenzied path
to get there
Stop, consider, and choose
the simpler path
And take it slowly
And easily
And lovely

Simplicity is the path, not just the destination, by Leo Babauta

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  1. very nice sentiments and so true. We should all try and slow down and do few things better

  2. What´s the hurry?we´re all on the way to our final destination:the graveyard.

  3. It sounds so easy when you put it like that.

    Getting your clients to adopt the same mentality is the real poetry!