Super Epic Rainbow Cake


How fabulous is this Super Epic Rainbow Cake?

(thank you jessi)

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  1. god how i hate rainbow cake – bad experience with it from the past that I never had it since that one dreadful day.

    all i’ll say is.. don’t eat this cake after drinking a lot of beers. i don’t blame the cake of course – but the sight of it still upsets my stomach.

    enough said…….


  2. My teeth hurt but it looks great

  3. This is the best looking rainbow cake I’ve seen! I’ll make it just for the visual appeal alone.

  4. I… want… cake…

  5. Faaaaaaabulous! Positively gay!

  6. Looks delicious

  7. I know someone whose birthday is approaching on the off chance someone might want to experiment with *making* this particular cake.

  8. It looks like carpet pile in the colours bit! Is it just me…

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