Tim Burton MoMA Spot

Tim Burton animates the MoMA Logo:

On view at MoMA November 22, 2009–April 26, 2010
For more information please visit www.moma.org/timburton.

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  1. we are planning on going….perhaps we can coordinate

  2. Thank you SwissMiss for posting so many great things all the time, but thank you especially for posting this!

  3. I love Tim Burton. My favourite movie of his is The Nightmare Before Christmas. You can’t beat watching that on Christmas Eve.

    I love the music in that animation, it’s the best thing about it.

  4. Oh cool! I will have to try to make it to this. Is this at the NY MOMA or the SF MOMA? This for sharing this info.

  5. WOW – how special, always on the look out for a good bit of design inspiration, thank you!

  6. yeah.. and i’m going to be in new york during this time. wie super esch das?!

  7. Great video you’ve posted. I viewed the collection yesterday and was blown away. I think the exhibit really demonstrated the evolution of Burton over the past 3 decades and I thought the multimedia aspects were a great touch. I’ve written more here: http://popculture2point0.wordpress.com/2009/12/13/a-burton-exhibit-before-christmas/