We Are All Connected Illustrated

we are all connected

Lovely illustration (which you can purchase here) by Marc Johns.

UPDATE: Make sure to read the comments, especially Marc’s below.

(via designnotes)

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  1. We’re all caucasian? Apparently we’re not so connected.

  2. We’re all male? I love Marc Johns generally, but this illustration did not hold the same appeal.

  3. Thanks for posting this, Tina!
    To Joshua and Red, I’m sorry if this drawing offended you or gave you a negative impression. The fact is, when I drew this it was never my intention to create some sort of universal statement about humanity. It was a bunch of bodiless heads, attached together by lines (or maybe strings), who were all stuck together, unable to escape each other. I found the loose pattern appealing. The meaning you are inferring is much deeper than my intention, and I’m grateful that you are looking for additional layers.
    Actually, after I uploaded it to the big ol’ internet and Michael blogged it on designnotes.info, I realized that it had this other, bigger meaning, albeit executed without the necessary diversity. But I would never make a piece about the global human family in this way — it seems like a bit of an obvious statement to make, without any sort of amusing or interesting angle to it. Anyway, I always find it interesting to see how things are interpreted when they are released on the web. Sometimes I need to do a better job of making my intentions more clear. A good challenge for sure.
    Sorry for the confusion!

  4. Thanks Marc. Your humility is evident, which is disarming. So difficult for the artist to put things out into the world and have them come back scrutinized, but you handle it well. There are always meanings under the initial layers, so thank you for receiving our interpretations with grace.

  5. Indeed, Marc, you’re very kind to clarify. I’m not used to comment boards resolving in such a civilized, affirming way. Thank you.

  6. Yay, we are indeed all connected.

  7. we are all on facebook! lol