The Honest $10,000 SPAM

What happens when an unbelievable offer of $10000 risk free money is actually genuine?

(via thinkalaud)

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  1. yuck, i wonder how many poor unsuspecting people will see this and now start responding in earnest to the spam of the world. albeit a charitable and happy ending from Mother; the spammers of the world no doubt are rejoicing over encouragement from someone reputable.

  2. What a terrible idea. People already have enough problems to worry about. Now we’re encouraging them to give out there bank account details in hopes that they might be the next lucky person?! Giving the money directly to charity is some clever way would have been much better.

  3. all it took as recognizing mother london… oh course. they would.

  4. all it took was recognizing mother london… oh course. they would.

  5. besides the effect that possibly more people answer to real spam emails – it was a wonderful idea!

  6. The whole video looks like a scam in itself… all of them are probably just good actors…. now, they may be sending more of such emails around and receiving better response from their emails. Wonder what do you need the full name and bank details for???

    And how do they know the address of this person when he only replied with his name and bank details???

  7. @Jack I figure that since they ARE the bank they would have his address if they had his name and, this might not even be required, bank details.

    It’s a cute idea, but not a very good one in terms of stopping email scams

  8. Since I get the Taiwanese, Nigeria and eastern Europe 5-10-15 million dollar scams weekly, I cannot and, do not understand what was funny, clever or worthwhile in this poorly conceived pseudo-scam, if you have 10k to throw around, why not directly do something worthwhile. Instead of filming elaborate, time wasting games, engineered to insure people take away the impression some good came of this sophmoric crap.

    Fairly feeble.

  9. I think if this video is all it takes for other people to start replying to real scam emails then it was only a matter of time before they fell for some sort of other scam because you’d have to be a moron for this video to influence you in that way.

    In the end a lot of girls will be able to have life changing fistula surgery. How dare anyone criticize this company. They’ve improved these girls lives more than anyone with a computer able to read this will ever be capable of understanding. That is priceless and worth this video stunt.

  10. Why did they give away USD in London?

  11. @Zane My thoughts exactly…

  12. what a great idea! And a good way for giving money to people who really need it.

  13. I highly doubt that Mother checked his bank details anyway… and if you’re in that industry you’d know who Mother London were. I love the irony of giving it to a Nigerian group who actually need the money.

  14. By the middle I was like ehh, great way to waste money (scarastic tone)
    By the end, great ending for the holiday season.

    I am sure I could google this, but I wonder how much value was 10k USD to some in London.