Art History Poster

Art History Poster. Simply brilliant. And yes, Calder owns Mobiles.

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  1. Judd gets shelved and no P.klee :(

  2. Add Twombly owns scribbling and you’re perfect.

  3. i actually laughed out loud at duchamp owns everything. people are now looking at me.

  4. i actually find this depressing! it seems very defeatist and closed off. it’s the use of the word “owns”…a bit aggressively possesive for me! how about “rules” or something else that leaves space for additions or overthrow!

  5. They left out “Klimt owns Northern European women”, “Bosch owns animals with eyeballs growing out their backs”, “Dali owns watches left too close to the microwave”, and “Bottcelli owns really big shells”.


  6. Way too many male artists.

  7. Andy – (Good one)

  8. Bob Ross owns happy little trees -@BigRyanPark

  9. Giacometti owns 104.3 million bucks!

    Thank you Alberto for beating Pablo!

  10. I just took a look at this and it seems it’s not a poster but a silkscreen. Ah, hand-pulled prints! :)

  11. Yeah, I know, posters used to all be hand-pulled, but nowadays…I think of posters as reproductions.

  12. Flavin worked with fluorescent light, not neon.

    and this is smug and tedious.

  13. don’t you mean “ownz” or even “pwnz”?

    (Vuk maybe if you combined this idea with your DC/Marvel comic book illustration style you might eventually have a slight chance of knowing what it feels like to own your own vision).

  15. Nobody really owns the 21st Century

  16. Way too many white men. Left out Basquiat owns scribbles.

  17. Men own the art world.

  18. Giger is very good at biomechanics.

  19. Reverse the word order, and I’d say you have something there. Geometry owns Mondrian, Drippings own Pollock, so on. Otherwise, the poster is about celebrity, not about art.

  20. Rather fun though