Sportpong is an interactive physical computer game where the field is projected on the ground and two (or more players) compete in teams. With a ‘paddle’ you hit the ball and try to strike a goal or defend your goal. Geometric appreciation required!

(thank you roland)

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  1. This is outrageous. I love it. Built shouldn’t we engage in actual reality to play sports?

  2. pretty cool, but I can do that with a foot ball – aka soccer.

  3. that is pretty cool indeed. I guess John and Keith are right about just picking up a real ball. What strikes me though is that they act as if this game is not a novelty at all. Just part of their daily lives. What is this land far far away where sportpong is the normal every day game?

  4. well youre somehow right about that you can do the same with a real ball/soccer.

    on the other side its surprising to become part of a computer game and to interact with something digital in such a direct, intuitive way. its also interesting to see how different poeple gets attracted and play together, just because their couriosity is bigger than their shyness :)

    @ hans, that land far far away is switzerland, i dä schwiz you know…

  5. @elektromeier ja, das verstehe ich als normalsterblicher Deutscher nicht. Ich habe als Kind zwar in Buesingen (naehe Schaffhausen) gewohnt, aber jetzt wo Du’s sagst, versteh ichs auch ein wenig :-) Gruss uebern Teich. HaJo

  6. This is pretty awesome, but I kinda agree with some other comments. I’d probably rather just play soccer or something!

    This is still a great idea that I feel deserves some praise.

  7. If it gets kids off the couch, I’m all for it!!!