Migros Nostalgia

I am having a nostalgic-moment over here day trying to decide which of these posters and t-shirts to get. So, you’re not swiss and you have no idea what these designs are all about? They are the old-school ice cream wrapper designs of the ‘bestest icecream ever’ sold by Migros (big supermarket chain in Switzerland).

I totally grew up with these and all these years, they kept the iconic packaging the same. I am in (nostalgia) heaven! Which Poster to get? Which T-Shirt!

Hat tip to the Migros Marketing Department for creating these!

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  1. i let my kids choose their favourit icecream, we got chocolate for the big one and vanilla for the little one. beeing swiss, defenitely a must-have!

  2. i was an exchange student in switzerland and what i wouldn’t give for some migros kaugummi!

  3. Bio and Softy will be next then? :-)

  4. Not so cool, when Migros does coppy your Idea now already for the second Time. I presentet that idea with well known logos, back from our childhood to the Migros appareel Team 4 Years ago. They didn’t wantet to do that project with me – took the idea and gave it out as their own.

    Saad Storry. But still a good idea! ; )

  5. Take me back in my childhood. :)

  6. Ahhh, Migros. 70 cents Ice Tea and 1.20 francs chocolate. That was how I spent my 2 francs coin every afternoon while going back from De Saussure.

    Genève me manque.

  7. Oh wow! c’est génial!
    I don’t know if the idea is stolen, but anyway! great feeling.
    thanx to share!

  8. The design of the shirts is really fun.

    But it’s absolutely not the best ice-cream of switzerland. Its maybe the worst because its full of chemicals! A real nogo! My childhood memories about the best swiss ice-cream is connected with the visits at the zoo of basel where they sell ice-cream from gasparini. One side raspberry and the other side vanilla. Or chocolate – banana :-) yummie! Maybe you remember too? And they only use best and organic products!


  9. Hi from Switzerland!
    Migros haven’t actually made these! This is the work of a collaboration between my friends Design Agency called ALLINK (http://www.allink.ch) and an Event Agency called PREMOTION (http://premotion.ch/). As far as I know, Migros only gave the OK for them to do it.

    Cheers – Alex

  10. Alex… who cares? The Migros Marketing Department was really open minded to agree to this idea, to this grea idea!

    I’m loving it :-) Looking forward to the upcoming summer… why, check this out: http://www.m-stars.ch/comingsoon/

    Cheers, Juan

  11. I really love those shirts. My aunt always has those in their fridge (well, her husband works for Coop so that’s about the only thing they buy at Migros…) :)