Rocket Popsicle

Anyone who grew up in Switzerland knows *how classic* this Rocket Popsicle is:

Rakete from Florian Ammann on Vimeo.

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  1. I didn’t grow up in Switzerland, but I remember these in blue, white and red.

  2. i wish i grew up in Switzerland. i love that country.

  3. That all my childhood!! and I sometimes still eat some ;-)

  4. I don’t live in Switzerland, but I’m Swiss, so whenever I go over there with my family, that’s the first thing we buy at Migros!

  5. You can have it on a tshirt (created by young guys from Fribourg in Switzerland): I’m a huge fan of their tshirts and they’re getting quite “famous” in Switzerland (particularly in the French speaking part I guess).

  6. @alessandra: you have to be from Fribourg to fully understand their tshirts ;-)

  7. For most of them definitely. Et chuis fribourgeoise justement! :) But I thought that one could benefit from a little international flight :)

  8. I didn’t know they make them in pink and blue-flavors, too! I’ll have to try them next time I go home for a visit :)
    Thks for posting the video!

  9. @alessandra: et ben, ça fait 2 fribourgeois ici :-)

  10. Hi! Is there anywhere in New York you can find the Rocket Popsicle or find a mold of one to make them!???! Please let me know if you know of anything. Thanks!