Letter Stool

These stools in shapes of abstract letters make me rejoice. How fantastic for a pre-school or modern childrens room? They are a brainchild of German Sascha Grewe and go by the label “artcanbreakyourheart.de”. They are available in 147(!!!) different colors. And how funny is their slogan: Kitsch can make you ritsch but art can break your heart.

Seen on Stilsucht.

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  1. these are so cute, i wish they sold them online!

  2. The seating is indeed something quite unusual with the

  3. would love to have it in the living room as a coffee table/extra stool. thumbs up for the storage space.

  4. incredibly cool

  5. I love the idea of surrounding children with creativity and art as early as possible!

  6. Color, letters, storage, oh my!
    I want.

  7. Wonderful, I hope it like to my son!

  8. hello,
    if you are interested in my typographic stools, please contact me for more infos.
    [email protected]

    thanks for the compliments!

  9. does anyone know where one can buy these stools?

  10. YES, you can buy the letter at my place, write me an email for more infos. german customer can buy the letters at found4you.de (april 2011)
    [email protected]

  11. Hello

    Wonderful work, I would like to get the pictures of all letters on my email address.I Will be thankful to you.