Stack Chair

This vinyl wall-sticker in the shape of the back of a chair marks the spot, where to stack up your magazines or newspapers and gradually becomes your Stack Chair. (Shhhh…One could easily also paint a chair to the wall, no?)

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  1. Oh dear – I like it but it could easily become a reason to keep more magazines, and I’m trying to break myself of this habit!

    More helpful for me would be a wall-meter that shows when the magazine level is dangerously high. Like ‘orange alert’ for clutter!

  2. but what if they tip? what a mess.

  3. I really like this idea.

  4. I agree with Chella´s comment but I still think this is a very stylish way to store your shelter magazines (of which I have many).

  5. Love this. Perfect use for past issue of .net mag & new yorker – the only mags left on my subscription list. Though I fear I might slide off..

  6. This is ridiculous. Totally ridiculous. I am therefore a fan.

  7. i love this idea,i think it’s good for me,Though i fear i might slide off from this chair

  8. That’s amazing, we need to get some of these into our studio.

  9. Nice~
    I would like to draw one on my wall by myself…
    quite useful~

  10. Oh dear lord, lol. A way of making clutter seem ‘ok’ :)

    I love these wall vinyls –

    I love their work, and their website is also incredibly cool as well.