Filip Dujardin – Fictions

Filip Dujardin takes photographs of nondescript, often post-modern buildings and remixes them using Photoshop to create strange hybrids. Stunning!

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  1. this is truly stunning !!!

  2. As an architect, I am more disturbed by the colour scheme…

  3. such creativity and talent. LOVE!

  4. He’s like a rap artist…remixing, sampling etc…!

    Very interesting…tres hip hop!


  5. Like Tetris with buildings!

  6. Very interesting i like this buildings thank you..

  7. someone liked the movie “inception”.

  8. Haha love it!

    This actually reminds me of what the guys over at WAM architecten did with a hotel in Zaandam. Haven’t seen it in real life yet, but even on photos it looks so surrealistic!


  9. The first one looks like one-half of Titans Tower (it’s shaped like a T). Presumably the other half was stolen by a crazy super-villain or some fun-loving aliens. Batman and Robin are on the case.

    The second one reminds me of a *real* building, Moshe Safdie’s ‘Habitat 67’ in Montreal. Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.

  10. I believe the first image is part of Wurster Hall (the Architecture School) at UC Berkeley.