The Rolyats 2010

Those of you that have attended one of my talks know that I have a fabulously eccentric aunt, called Hugi. I assure you, the rest of my family is rather normal. I just discovered the below video of a family that I would gladly be part of. What? Your family doesn’t dance around the garage in costumes at midnight Christmas Eve?

The Rolyats 2010 from Kristen Taylor on Vimeo.

(via kthread.)

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  1. The only thing I find odd about the video is that someone had an adult-sized purple Teletubbies costume on hand.

  2. Dave, wait until you see next year’s video.

  3. In a family like that even I would celebrate Xmas again.

  4. Great video! Your family sure knows how to have fun at a party. :)

  5. This just made my Valentine’s Day. You’re a lucky niece.