Nice To See You

(photo by Jon Tan)

This ‘Nice to see you’ Poster is a one-color screen print inspired by well-known quotes from comedians of the last 30 years. Guaranteed to bring a smile to any Brit’s face.

It’s a limited edition of 500, screen printed by Ink Posters. A collaboration between Joff Casciani, Ollie Wood and Haydn Evans.

(via Jon Tan)

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  1. This looks very similar to something that is about to happen in Blackpool, UK by Gordon Young. I wonder where they got their inspiration from!

  2. Wonder where they got theirs from more like! This is the second edition of an original design the first edition of which sold at least 2 years ago. I wonder if Gordon ever bought one?

  3. ahh, yes but this project has been going on for around four years now… as it is 1,880 square metres of granite and sandstone.

  4. Just to put the record straight. I designed this poster over two and a half years ago, based on letterpress work i experimented with, whilst at the Royal College of Art.

    The inspiration was theatre posters from the 1930’s. especially from the London Palladium. Any similarity to the great Gordon Young’s work, is merely because we are both english and of a certain age.

    Graham Mansfield – Zoot , Oslo.