Rich Quote Mark

Simple Rich Quote Mark print over at I need nice things.

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  1. It makes me think about the new logo of the “Canton de Fribourg” here in Switzerland (

  2. So very simple, but so very effective. Like!

  3. Nice looking? Yes. but, really? besides the larger sizes, i’ll make you one of these right now and I am not going to charge you $50.

    Just run some nice paper through your own printer or head over to kinkos. You can DIY for probably less then $5. For a big one, just trace it out on to some canvas and paint your own. Still less then $50 and you have some actual wall art.

  4. so simple….thats what I like….

  5. simple, yet striking…great!

  6. It’s an apostrophe.

  7. leider etwas daneben dieses Loge, wenn man weis wie schön das Original ist, ein Wappen in schwarz und weiss.